Freedive Gozo 2017

Spend a week freediving on the stunning Island of Gozo with AIDA instructor trainer and author Ian Donald, AIDA master instructor Richard Marsh, AIDA instructor and photographer Alastair Scarlett, AIDA assistant instructor Lissie Raymond and trip co-ordinator Emily Holmes.

Relax, unwind, meet great people, train and freedive, the Gozo trip is always fantastic thanks to the simply perfect freediving conditions and our knowledge of the island and dive sites. We welcome freedivers of any level.


Stay in a private traditional Gozitian farmhouse with pool and terrace. All rooms are private (no shared rooms on our trips!). The villas are in one of the prettiest villages on the island, close to cafes, restaurants, ancient ruins and the best beaches.


We complete confined static apnea training in the private Villa pool and then deep diving at sites around the island. You will be able to dive at some amazing sites which wont always focus on depth, these include wrecks, arches and caves. Not to forget we charter a private boat trip where we will visit some amazing dive sites and some truly stunning caves around the island of Comino. Gozo is unique in its underwater topography and this is why its just so brilliant for freediving. Huge caves, epic underwater cliffs, giant tunnels and swimthroughs… it all equates to one heck of an underwater playground, and its all totally accessible. Whether you can dive to 50m or 5 m you will find something to excite and amaze.


Sites include The blue hole, Ghasri Valley, Xlendi Bay, MV Xlendi wreck, Cathedral cave,  the Santa Maria Caves, the Blue Lagoon and the P-31 wreck off the Island of Comino all famed for the brilliant turquoise waters.


Because Gozo is a small island, we can find calm water in almost any wind or swell direction. If its windy at the blue hole, then we hop in the 4x4s and travel over to the other side of the island. Ten minutes later you will be in the water somewhere totally different and equally exciting.


We can offer all AIDA qualifications 1-4 and Instructor, general training (if you already hold a freediving qualification), Photography for freediving (With Alastair Scarlett) or even our Level 3 Mermaid certification.

freediving-trainingWHATS INCLUDED?

…all accommodation, airport transfers, all diving, Boat trips, transport on the Island, Sightseeing trips, AIDA freediving training and AIDA certification , basic equipment (we cannot provide wetsuits as they are to bulky to transport and may not even fit you when we get it there). Food is self catering on the trip, so facilities are provided, we operate a ‘kitty’ policy on certain evenings to have group meals and BBQs (this is normally about 5 euros each). This self catering style means you can be as cheap or fancy as you want with food and we can keep the base trip cost as low as possible.


Trained Freediver holiday price (using lines and receiving general training but no formal certification inc)- £700

1-2 AIDA holiday price – £800

3 AIDA holiday price – £850

4 AIDA holiday price – £900

Instructor Course price (2 weeks) – £1500

Week long freediving photography masterclass £1500 (for more details please go here, this is a brief description of the 2 day course Alastair provides, more details on the week long course to follow)

FreediveUK mermaid certification Level 3 – £850

2017 DATES

30th September – 7th October (AIDA level 1-2 and for beginner and intermediate divers) and 7th October – 14th October (for Level 3 , 4 and more advanced divers).



Check out our facebook album covering a previous trip. Dig around in our photos and you will see photos from previous trips too.

Watch the video below to see what we got up to in a previous trip!