Freedive Iceland

2016/17 trip is in planning stages

A once in a lifetime experience. Iceland is a land of striking beauty and pretty extreme freediving!

Silfra lagoon

How do you fancy freediving INSIDE the faultline of the Eurasian and American continents, at the place where the Mid-Atlantic ridge breaks the surface? Would you like to experience diving in water with 100m+ visibility, which is so pure you can drink it? Do you like the idea of having a post dive bath in the steaming hot waters of a geothermal lake? OK… how about freediving in a disused cod farm where you can see the bones of a whale! Then relaxing with a hot chocolate watching the Northern lights.

This holiday is a mini break of sorts. It wont be for everyone, if the idea of diving in 2c mineral water turns you off… then perhaps Gozo or Egypt is a better bet for you. If however you are up for an adventure that you will never forget then reserve you space now!

This is not be a training trip as such (although you will be under constant supervision and will recieve training tips the whole time), so you should preferably have at least the AIDA 2* or equivalent. You will also need to bring your own gear, including the THICKEST wetsuit you own.