Freedive Mexico – Freediving and spearfishing holiday 2019

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    Freedive in the clear, magical cenotes in the heart of the Mexican Jungle

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    Freedive on the mesoamerican reef

    Explore the gullies and reef heads of the largest barrier reef in the northern hemisphere

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    Go spearfishing for your dinner

    Spearfish for big fish in a sustainable environment

Join us early spring 2019 for an action packed schedule in the Mexican Yucatan peninsula, where remnants of ancient civilisations and clear water are never far away.

This will be our third freediving/spearfishing trip to Mexico and this time its due to be even better than before. We have lined up an awesome itinerary for you which will include freediving in the amazing cenotes (the clear spring water pits in the jungle, up to 100m deep), freediving the mesoamerican barrier reef, and spearfishing from privately charted speedboats hitting remote marks with big fish to take home for the BBQ!

The Yucatan peninsula is dotted with one of natures great wonders, Cenotes. Cenotes are openings in to the ground, penetrating the limestone bedrock and in to the endless miles of underground rivers that snake the peninsula, of which only a tiny percentage has been mapped.
These Cenotes, still revered by the native Mayan culture, were thought to be the entrance to the underworld. Created at the time of the great meteor impact that spelt the end of days for the dinosaurs, the bedrock literally shook and created soft channels and cracks for the water to penetrate. Now, millions of years later, these cenotes break the surface and create the ultimate freedivers playground.
No matter what you want from your freediving, you can find it here. Peace, depth, fish, darkness, mystery, light shafts, dynamics… the ultimate facebook profile pic?!
We will spend the first part of our week long trip exploring these magical places, guided by FreediveUK instructors and local guides.

The next section of our trip will take us close to the Belize border, where the largest barrier reef in the northern hemisphere touches the shore. Here we will move our concentration away from fresh water and into the salt!
The reef here is incredibly diverse and on previous trips we have freedived with loggerhead turtles, sharks, dolphins, barracuda, green turtles, Eagle rays and of course schools of beautiful tropical fish. We will be in Mexico during Bull shark mating season so you never know your luck (depending on ho you feel about sharks), we may see those too!

For those who enjoy fresh fish and a spot of spearfishing, this your chance to catch that ‘big one’. The reef here is home to lots of good eating fish species, such as jack and snapper (and more). The spearfishing can be quite deep for the big ones, normally averaging about 15m . If you are a total novice though and you still want to give it a go, then all it not lost… in fact you can do your bit for reef conservation by hunting the invasive and delicious Lionfish!
Or friends in Mexico will take us to the very best spots for spearfishing and will even cook our fish for dinner.