Shipwrecked- A Freediving adventure

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Imagine waking up on a deserted tropical beach with nothing on the horizon other than the rising sun, nothing in the air than the fading wisps of last nights campfire and no sound other than the lapping of the sea on the white sand and the birds and cicadas slowly waking.

Wake on a tropical island

Imagine finding your own food, from the forest and from the sea. Then cooking it with local spices and techniques. Building your own island shelter and sleeping under the stars.

forage under the sea for your own food

Imagine freediving in clear warm water with turtles, sharks and countless tropical fish. On wrecks, sunken Thai monuments and remote reefs.

freedive on a sunken elephant and other monuments

 Imagine freediving at night in tropical, bio-luminescent rich water, seeing the sparkling trails of light spinning off your fins and hands.

freediving under the stars

Imagine learning traditional survival techniques from indigenous marine nomads, the Moken. Crafting spears, finding food from above and below the water line, attracting fish and discovering the truth behind their culture as you live, dive and hunt with them on your island paradise.

learn from the Moken

Imagine no longer…

In March 2015 FreediveUK will take a group of guests to experience the thrill of  freediving, foraging and island life in Thailand’s Andaman Sea with expert marine foragers and freedivers Ian Donald (author of ‘Underwater foraging – Freediving for food’) and Richard Marsh plus special guests… two Moken from the Koh Surin Moken tribe that we visited in 2014.

The itinerary will include several days and nights living on a deserted tropical island but it will be sandwiched in between a few nights of comfort in small hotel with private rooms and cabins situated a stones throw from two of Phukets best beaches. This will allow a couple of days acclimatisation and ‘recovery’ either side of your island adventure! When not on the island we will be escorted by local fisherman and longtail captain Tanit, who will take us to prime freediving sites and empty beaches.

On the island you will build your own shelter and bed space, finding and cooking your own food (with the help of a local Thai cook) and explore the tropical paradise that you can now call home.

Of course this is likely to be a trip of a lifetime, but please be aware that on the island we  really will be fending for ourselves. There are no showers, no flushing toilets, no beds…. but that’s the whole point right!? So if your idea of a perfect holiday is lounging by the pool then sliding over to the pool bar for a pina colada, this may not be for you… If however you want adventure and memories that will last a lifetime! Well, just sign on the dotted line! Please note that we will bring a full vegetarian food supply with us, so if you dont want to engage in the hunting aspect and just enjoy the freediving then of course that’s totally ok.

You dont need to be a qualified freediver to come on the trip, and for an additional £100 we will complete the AIDA 1-2* course with you on the first 2 days of the trip (before we live on the island).

this is where you will call home

So how much does it cost?

Price £1000 per person

10 days – March 1st-March 10th 2015

Whats included?

All accommodation, transfers, boat charter,  guides, freediving instruction, spearfishing instruction, survival training, food on the island (supplementary to what is foraged).

What isn’t included?

Flights to Phuket, sleeping bags (or roll mats), freediving equipment, spearfishing equipment (we will make some basic kit).

(Itinerary is subject to change due to weather and sea state, deposits are non-refundable (£400). Minimum numbers are required for this trip to run, so please do not book flights until we give the go ahead.) Holiday Terms and conditions: By placing your deposit you are agreeing to these.

Basic itinerary

March 1st – Arrive

March 2nd – Beach day on Ao Sane.

March 3rd- 4th – Boats take us to nearby islands off Phuket for freediving, staying in a simple hotel in Nai Harn

March 5th – Boats take us to Racha Yai to dive the sunken monuments,  then our first night on our shipwrecked island

March 6th-7th – Shipwrecked

March 8th – Boats back to Nai Harn

March 9th – Beach day Nai Harn/Ao Sane

March 10th- Flights home


your own island paradise